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We're really excited to share with you the second episode of our Radio Dama series. Our latest mix comes from the colourful three-piece, Sea Moya.

Originally from Germany the band now reside in Montréal, QC where they are working on the release of their debut LP. Catch them live at SXSW this year as well as Canada Music Week. 

In true DAMA spirit we encourage artists to be as free and diverse as possible and this episode from Elias of Sea Moya totally encapsulates what we want Radio Dama to be about. 




" Contrast. This is what struck me the most about my trip to India in 2014. It was everywhere in
every detail. The colors, how things would smell, the brightness of the sun compared to the dark
corners in the cities, but most striking: The noise. Intense in its loudness, calm in its steadiness.
Intimate and divine in all the music and ritual singing, angry and restless in the chatter and traffic.

It seemed like the people would be hectic, nervous and loud on the surface, but eventually calm,
content and serene inside. The contrast in everything couldn’t shake this up and that is
something I love about music as well. I like it to be diverse, could be dark and hectic techno, or
bubbling ambient, energetic Afrobeat or over-the-top disco, it’s all just a different finish of the
same roots. And this is where the power in music lies. It is such a strong and steady place, it
speaks to you on a different level. It moves your body, makes you think, inspires and offers a place to rest.

I’m flattered to contribute to the Radio Dama series with bunch of tracks, snippets and field recordings from India that are very different but all pure at heart. Thank you Maribou State/DamaDama Records for cutting it up and reaching out in the first place, excited for the following Radio Dama mixes!!!  "

Elias Agogo, Sea Moya